New Ruffian, New Offer (Plus my Books Of The Year).

How it's going and what I'm reading

I’ve been gloriously surprised by how many of you have signed up for the paid version of The Ruffian. It’s been a very heartening vote of confidence. You guys, I feel totally validated. There’s still a way to go to hit my target, but I am now decidedly optimistic about getting there.

Special thanks to those of you - many more than I expected - who signed up at the “premium premium” rate (or as one Ruffian suggested I rename it, the God Tier). That makes a big difference. If you’d like a signed copy of one of my books just hit reply and let me know which one. Fans of CONFLICTED might want to wait until February when I can sign a pre-pub copy of the paperback edition.

So, to recap: the full-fat Ruffian costs, at standard rate, four pounds a month, or forty pounds a year (btw this is the minimum fee Substack allows for). God Tier subscribers pay the still-not-bad-value-at-all fee of seventy-two pounds a year.

The crazy bonkers half-price offer had to come to an end, like all crazy bonkers things. But I’m going to extend the offer period by one more week, this time at the only somewhat less crazy discount of 25% off the standard rate.

Yes - if you sign up in the next week, you can get The Ruffian for three pounds a month, or thirty pounds a year.

Get 25% off for 1 year

(To be crystal clear, once again - after one year it will go up to £4 per month/£40 per year, although of course you can cancel anytime.)

I suspect some of you intend to subscribe to the paid tier but have simply not have got round to it. I suspect this because I am myself in a permanent state of not getting round to things. If it helps, I can assure you the sign-up process is very smooth: Substack and their payments partner Stripe have done a good job of making that bit simple, fast and pain-free.

Get 25% off for 1 year

For my free subscribers, I love you too, and will be providing more substantial fare for you next week. But for now, I must direct you to the right, draw the curtain closed, and usher my paid subscribers left into business class, where they can settle down with a glass of fizz and read about what I’ve been reading this year…

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